Wonderland is the third coloring book for women by Allyson Rice. Like the first two books, it is a large, 
9x12 art-tablet sized format with a beautiful glossy cover. There are 
39 pages with 27 drawings and additional pages of accompanying inspirational, empowering, and occasionally humorous text/story, 
all about the experience of being a woman. It’s about you.

If you already have one or both of the first two books, welcome back! 
If this is your first time here, consider getting two or all of them. I’m telling you, it’s completely addictive once you start coloring. 

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The more time

she spent in her garden,

her hands in the earth, watering, and tending,

and watching things grow...

the more she realized

that SHE was the thing

that bloomed the most!

They had read all the baby books.

They knew to catch up on sleep

whenever the baby slept.

They could change a diaper

like nobody’s business.

They knew how to handle

“The Terrible 2’s.”

They could referee

a toddler playground dispute

withe the best of them.

But NONE of those damn books

had adequately prepared them for


Each one of us

is connected

to everyone

and everything.

They were so inspired

by their last Book Club selection,

Who Says You’re Not Young At 40?!”

that immediately

after their weekly meeting

they set out on a quest

to reinvent themselves.