Dancing WIth Life
Dancing With Life is the second coloring book for women by Allyson Rice. Like the first book, it is a large, 9x12 art-tablet sized format with a beautiful glossy cover. It is 43 pages: 25 drawings with additional pages of accompanying inspirational, empowering, and occasionally humorous text/story, all about the experience of being a woman. It’s about you.

If you already have the first book, welcome back! If this is your first time here, consider getting them both. I’m telling you, it’s completely addictive once you start coloring. 

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There was no

denying it any longer,

Helen and her friends


When she was young, she used to get overwhelmed by how much she saw, how how intensely she felt everything. But when she learned to let the sensations pass through her, like the wind, she realized she really loved the bigger view of the world from where she sat.

After 62 years of successfully pretending to be normal, Marge’s

eccentric personality began popping out in the most inconvenient places.

She tried to practice at home on her own, but got the vague feeling that she had taken a wrong turn somewhere between “om” and “shanti.”

Jennifer’s family learned to read those subtle little clues letting them know that perhaps she needed a little more space that day...

She stood there, looking at her reflection for a very long time, but feeling like it wasn’t the whole picture. So she closed her eyes and looked inside and saw...

that she was white inside, and black inside, and red inside, and yellow inside, and old inside, and young inside, and every beautiful variation in between. When she opened her eyes again, she saw the faces of women everywhere looking back at her, and she said,

“Ah, yes. There I am.”

She began hearing music everywhere. At the grocery store, at the car wash, at her book club meetings. Different in different places. At first it was disconcerting because no one else seemed to hear it. But one day, she just surrendered into it, and she let the melody carry her. That’s the day her life became one big, beautiful dance.

To buy a combination, 1 of each book ($2 discount)